One-Year Photography Program

2-3 students per mentor

50+ hours weekly

70+ years of film & photography tradition

Master the Art of Photography

This one-year intensive course of photography aims to pass on the knowledge of various techniques and technologies of photography – both analogue and digital. Students are instructed about the different photography techniques as well as approaches.

The Curriculum

The programme is based on the principal understanding of core photography genres: landscape, studio photography, documentary and conceptual. Learning of WHAT to do is supported by learning HOW photographs are made with different analogue camera formats as well as digital hacks. The course also includes a basic overview of the history of photography, both in the Czech and global perspective, and the theoretical principles of the Photography medium in the art context. The course is scheduled for two semesters. The principal courses are as follows:

  • Mentor workshop
  • Classic studio photography
  • Landscape and still life
  • Photo chemistry and physics
  • History and theory of photography

The specifications of each course are provided in the course catalogue. See also the elective courses and modules designed for the one year course program.

Graduate Profile

The graduates master the various techniques and technologies of photography, both analogue and digital. With the skills gained the students can either pursue their own careers in the field of photography or find themselves perfectly ready for further studies of photography or related arts at the Master level.

The graduates are knowledgeable in the theory of photography and have an understanding of the history of the subject. They are familiar with the current photography and can navigate the field.

Application and Admission Procedure

The application requirements consist of 7 assignments. Be patient; we will help you throughout the process. Bear in mind, however, that only applications that are fully completed will be admitted to the further process.

The only requirement for the applicant’s profile is to reach a minimum age of 18 years and have completed secondary school education.

Deadlines, Dates & Tuition

Application deadline is on Feburary 23, 2021 except for the applications handed over from the FAMU Department of Photography as part of the Bachelor or Master degree admission tests. 

Further dates to notice

  • Admission announcement: April 2021 (with the exception of the Department of Photography applicants)
  • Start of the academic year: 13th of September 2021
  • End of the second semester: mid-June 2022

Accommodation, health insurance and visa are not provided by FAMU. These matters are the responsibility of the student. FAMU sends the admitted students an Acceptance Letter which serves as one of the documents required for visa application.

The tuition fee for the one-year Photography course is CZK 277 000 (approx. EUR 10 150), including VAT. The production of the major workshop projects is included in the tuition fee of the programme.

For detailed information please visit tuition and payments.

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"Studying Masters at FAMU was one of my best career steps I can imagine to take"
Martin Andrle
Independent director, class 2015

Dates to watch

We have moved our workshop due to COVID-19 crisis to the following dates.

One Year Intensive Program Application Deadline

Exciting stuff! The academic year is about to start.

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How much does it cost?

277 000 CZK (approx 10 150 EUR)

"Studying Masters at FAMU was one of my best career steps I can imagine to take"
Martin Andrle
Independent director, class 2015

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