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4-5 students per mentor

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The 7 Steps Application Requirements for the Animation Course

The application requirements consist of 7 assignments. Only completely submitted applications will be accepted into further process.  

Please note that all documents should be named according to this pattern “Your_full_name_APP_2020_number of assignment”  (e. g. “Angelina_Jolie_APP_2020_1” or “Angelina_Jolie_APP_2020_4a") and then uploaded. For the login and password please contact

Upload all the required documents stated in articles 1 – 7 according to the instructions that can be found here.


Download the application form, complete the form on the computer, sign it, scan it, name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_1”, upload it and also send it as a hard copy. Applications are available at the bottom of the page. 

The admission to each concentration is equally competitive. Please choose your concentration based on your preference.

Specializations are as follows: 

  • Screenwriting 
  • Directing Fiction 
  • Directing Documentary and Non-fiction 
  • Cinematography 
  • Editing and Creative Post-production 
  • Photography 
  • Animated Film

The original application form is the only document to be sent in hard copy to the following address: 

Akademie muzickych umeni v Praze
FAMU International
Zaneta Cagaskova
Smetanovo nabrezi 2
116 65 Prague
Czech Republic

The date of the post stamp is the date of deadline at the latest.

2. CV 

Brief description of the applicant’s academic and artistic records. Please also state the level of English you speak. Name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_2” and upload it.


From all previously attended institutions. (Secondary school transcripts are not necessary for those with higher levels of education.) Name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_3” and upload it.


For Animated Film Course please submit the following: 

  • a. an analysis of any animated film (1 – 2 pages) 
  • b. an original theme for own animated film (1 text page), it is possible but not necessary to submit a visual idea for the animated film (1 page) 
  • c. own artwork (20 items) in .png format 1500px minimum


All audiovisual artistic samples must be uploaded on either Vimeo or Youtube in HD and the files have to be downloadable. Please make a .doc with the links of your audiovisual works and name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_4_title_of_the_piece” and upload it as previous files. 

All texts must be uploaded and named “Your_full_name_APP_2020_4” 

All images must be uploaded as .zip and named “Your_full_name_APP_2020_4_IMAGES"


A short personal essay on what the applicant expects from her/his studies as well as what the applicant believes she or he can contribute to the creative and intellectual environment of FAMU, and the reasons she or he would like to come and study in Prague. 

Name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_5” and upload it.


One minute video self-portrait. Upload on either Vimeo or Youtube in HD (it has to be downloadable), please make a .doc with the link of your self-portrait and name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_6” and upload it as previous files.


A scanned certificate of having deposited the application fee of EUR 50 (or CZK equivalent) in the account number provided below must be submitted with every application. Name it “Your_full_name_APP_2020_7” and upload it.

The deposit must be EUR 50 exactly, regardless of other banking or transfer fees. 

Account owner: AMU – Akademie muzickych umeni v Praze
Bank details: Komercni banka, Malostranske nam. 23, Praha 1, 118 00, Czech Republic
Account number: 19-5373180297/0100
Code 33-20-004
Swift Code: KOMBCZPP
IBAN format of KB account: CZ 5301000000195373180297

Message for the payee: "your name and surname, 360 33 20 004". Please make sure that the message for the payee is exactly in this format.

Upload your application

If you are ready to upload all your assignments and documents please visit this link.
You will be transferred to an encrypted site of the The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague which FAMU is part of. You will upload your application and all your documents here.

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"Studying Masters at FAMU was one of my best career steps I can imagine to take"
Martin Andrle
Independent director, class 2015

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"Studying Masters at FAMU was one of my best career steps I can imagine to take"
Martin Andrle
Independent director, class 2015

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