Animated Film Course

3 portfolio movies

4-5 students per mentor

50+ hours weekly

Craft the Art of Animation

The one year intensive course of animation aims to hand over knowledge about various techniques and technologies of animated film – both hand-made and digital (computerized). Students are instructed about general animation concepts as well as specific topics like storyboarding or the structure of animation puppets, which they master as part of hands-on exercises.


The program is based on the principal aesthetic notion that animated film is a specific genre of dramatic art. Animation is also approached as a specific kinetic form of fine art. That is why student’s artistic sensibilities are refined throughout the course in the classical drawing lessons. Part of the course is also a basic overview of the history of animated film, both in the Czech and global perspective, and theoretical principles of animated film. The course is scheduled for two semesters.
Main courses:

  • Experimental animation
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Visual Expression and figural drawing
  • Body Animation and Mask

The specifications of each course are to be found in the course catalogue.

See also the elective courses and modules designed for the one year course program.


Graduates master the various techniques and technologies of animation, both hand-made and digital. At the end of the course they will improve their artistic expression and will be able to create a storyboard. They master the fundamental principles and concepts of animation, which they will be able to demonstrate in animation exercises. Graduates are knowledgeable in animated film theory and have an overview of the history of animated film. They are familiar with the current animated filmmaking and can navigate through this field. Having graduated, they can pursue a career as an independent artist or pursue a career in creative professions as assistants and artists in professional animation productions.

Application and admission procedure

The application requirements consist of 7 assignments. Bare with us, we will help you throughout the process. However, only completely submitted applications will be accepted into further process.

The only requirement for the applicant’s profile is to reach a minimum age of 18 years and have completed secondary school education.

In order to upload your application and assignments you need to obtain a login and a password. Which you will be given when sending a request to

Application step-by-step


Application deadline is on March 31, 2020 (Please note: all the deadlines are running in the Central European Time. Deadlines include the last given day, until 23:59:59.)

Further dates to notice

  • Admission announcement: April, 2020
  • Start of the academic year, as if the orientation week: September 14, 2020
  • End of the second semester, as if the program: June 30, 2021

Accommodation, Health Insurance and Visa are not provided by FAMU. These are the responsibility of the student. FAMU provides accepted students with an Acceptance Letter which serves as one of the required visa application documents.

The Tuition fee for the One Year Animated Film Course is 323,000 CZK including 21% VAT (approx. EUR 12,720). The production of major Workshop Projects is included in the tuition fee of the program.

For detailed information please visit tuition and payments.

Upload your application

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You will be transferred to an encrypted site of the The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague which FAMU is part of. You will upload your application and all your documents here.

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"Studying Masters at FAMU was one of my best career steps I can imagine to take"
Martin Andrle
Independent director, class 2015

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"Studying Masters at FAMU was one of my best career steps I can imagine to take"
Martin Andrle
Independent director, class 2015

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