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Frequently Asked Questions by applicants


Do grants and scholarships exist to cover the FAMU tuition fees?
At this time tuition fees in FAMU’s Czech Language programs are covered by the Czech Ministry of Education for all students including foreign nationals. FAMU has a substantial amount of foreign students in the Czech language programs, but to be accepted, these students must demonstrate Czech language proficiency at the level of B2 (according to CERFL).

For English language programs at FAMU we only provide scholarships within special grant programs available for citizens of particular countries. (In 2016/ 2017 such grants are only available for Kosovan and Burmese citizens).

However, many foreign governments and agencies provide grants and loans to students who study abroad at accredited programs such as FAMU International. The interested student is advised to consult your local government bodies for more information.

In addition, the Czech Ministery of Education provides various scholarships, mainly to students of developing countries. Unfortunately students applying to fields in the arts are usually not among the Ministry’s priorities. All available information is published on the special website of the Ministry of Education.

Do I have to pay extra for my film productions within the studies?
Film projects within the designed pedagogical framework are covered by the tuition fee. As is the FAMU tradition, the projects are especially designed with pedagogical parameters regarding equipment, shooting days, casting, and other production elements. Students pay extra expenses in case their projects extend beyond the advised production framework, but usually teachers are encouraging the students to stay within the designed frameworks for the projects.

What cameras are students using in their projects?
Depending on pedagogical goals and particular budgets for each type of project, a wide range of cameras is being used, from digital HDV and HDSLR through 16mm (Bolex, Arri 16SR3, Aaton) to 35mm (Arri) or – exceptionally, in some cases of master final films, if other budget circumstances allow – high-end digital cameras (Arri Alexa, Red One, Red Epic). We use the well equipped FAMU Studio as well as international cinematic equipment rental houses in Prague, so that students gain a wide range of experience, understand choices and their consequences in order to prepare the students for independent and highly professional situations.

Do English programs students study together with Czech programs students?
Each program, either taught in English or Czech, has its own schedules. Except for elective lectures for wide audience and some screenings, classes usually consist of small groups within each program. Nonetheless there is established co-operation between programs within practical exercises and some seminars.

Is learning Czech part of the curricula?
Learning Czech language is only a minor part of the curricula, usually just at the survival level. Among film practitioners, English is a global language, and this is true also in the Czech Republic. If you are a FAMU student in accredited program, you can nevertheless follow courses provided by the Language Centre of the Academy of Perfoming Arts . If you want to learn Czech intensively, you have to find your individual way. You can find useful information on this issue here.


What are you looking for in the video self portrait /which is part of admission portfolio on some programs/? How should this be structured and how will it be judged?

There are no any strict criteria for the video self portrait, no "right" or "wrong" responses. You may respond to the task in any way that you feel uses audio/visual tools to reveal yourself. Some students make a "talking head" presentation, some create a visual essay on themselves using their own voice narrating over it. Both the "what" and the "how" of this piece will be interesting for us insofar as it reveals your unique creativity.

Can I pay the application fee in dollars?
Application fee can be paid in any currency, just be sure with your bank, when sending the money, that the final amount excluding all bank and transfer fees, make the right amount in EUR.

What is the difference between APP application deadlines called „early bird“ and „regular“?
With the “early bird” application we let you know if you were not accepted early so you may make up your mind and apply for another program or we announce you were accepted and thus you may relax!

Can I apply for MFA even if I haven´t obtained BA yet?
If you are about to finish your BA studies and meanwhile you would like to apply for our master degree program then please submit an official confirmation of conclusion of your studies. Registrar´s office or other authority will easily issue such a confirmation for you. If you successfully pass FAMU entrance exams and got accepted only then you submit your BA diploma.

What kind of BA should I have when I plan to apply for filmmaking master degree?
It doesn´t matter. What matters are your skills, experience and artistic samples you submit.


Is it difficult to find housing in Prague?
So far all of our students have found suitable housing in time. Please find more practical information on our page for arriving students.

What are the prices of accommodation in Prague?
Prices vary greatly, depending on the location and the type of accommodation. In 2012 the approximate prize for a three room flat shared by a group of student varied between 15 and 25 thousand CZK per month including all fees, the price for one room flat may vary from 7 to 14 thousand CZK. It is common practice here, to present the price of a rental in two parts: a fixed price for rent and an additional and somewhat variable fee for utilities such as gas and electricity. It is usually expected to pay rent a month in advance and also pay a month’s rent as a deposit for possible damages. The deposit is returned when the stay is terminated.

If I get accepted, what other steps regarding VISA and other requirements do I have to make?
If your application is successful for admission into FAMU International, you will receive an e-mail with all information in more detail. The announcement concerning acceptance or rejection is generally made about a week after the skype interview (made in the second round of the application procedure). Please find more practical information onour page for arriving students.