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Dagmar Bláhová

Dagmar Bláhová

Teacher, actress, director and writer

Dagmar Bláhová was born in Czechoslovakia and has a Master of Arts degree from DAMU, the theatre department of the Academy of Arts. An actress with a strong comedic talent, she acts and directs for theatre, film, and television. She has performed in various small theaters (eg, Semafor Theatre or Studio Ypsilon) and was also a permanent member of the Goose on a String Theatre, where she, with Bolek Polívka, played in Am a Ea, a legendary theatre production in Czech culture. She is well known for her lead role in the cult film by Vera Chytilova- “The Apple Game” and for her roles in “Calamity”and other Czech films.
After experience acting and directing in Germany and France, she emigrated to Australia. There she continued her career as an actress, director and producer. She wrote and directed in the Opera House as well as other theatres and taught at both Sydney University and the University of New South Wells. She was also among the original cast of the long running series ”Neighbours”- playing Maria Ramsey, for Australian television.
In 1990, she returned to the Czech Republic and
since 1997 she teaches ACTING STUDIO at FAMU. 
She also founded the theatre company INTIMNI DIVADLO. She has written two books and various articles, translates, produces, teaches and continues to act and direct.

Selected filmography:

Zoufalci (2009)
English Strawberries (2008)
Catch the doctor! (2007)
The Prince & Me (2004)
The Dog´s hair (2004)
Podzimní návrat (2001)
Canone inverso – making love (2000)
Traps (1998)
Tourture of Imagination (1990)
Sons of Steel (1989)
Sands of the Bedouin (1988) (TV)
Howling III (1987)
Hungry Heart (1987)
Funeral Going (1986) (TV)
Neighbours (since 1985)
Displaced Persons (1984)
Hoodwink (1981)
Calamity (1981)
Apple Game (1976)
Say hello to swallows (1972)
A visit (1969)
Ecce Homo Homolka (1969)

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