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Jan Fleischer

Jan Fleischer

Tutor, screenwriter

Jan Fleischer was born in Hereford (UK) in 1945. He studied at the Screenwriting and Dramaturgy Department of FAMU from 1964-1968 and 1969-1971. After writing a number of short stories for Czech literary magazines, he concentrated on feature films. He has had nine of his feature film scripts produced. He was Head of Screenwriting at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfied, United Kingdom from 1989 to 1998 and continued as a senior tutor till his retirement in 2010. In 2009 he published a book about screenwriting that is also his memoirs “To by mohl být film” (Archa/AMU). The English version “Of scripts and life” was then published by MFI. He is a consultant for SOURCES and the Mediterranean Film Institute, two advanced training programs for professional screenwriters in the EU. He also works as a script editor for Stephen Frears and some other directors from different countries. Since 2010, he is a screenwriting tutor for FAMU International programs.

Selected filmography:

Zbrane pro Prahu (Guns For Prague, 1974, d. Ivo Toman)
Sestapadesat Neomluvenych Hodin (56 Hours of Truancy, 1977, d. lvo Novak)
Tim Padem (Therefore, 1979,d. Karel Kovar)
Vrak (The Wreck, adaptation of R.L. Stevenson´s novel, 1980, d. lvo Toman)
Upir Z Feratu (The Vampire of Ferat, 1981, d. Juraj Herz)
Pavilon Seliem (The Pavilion of Wild Cats, 1982, d. Dušan Trancik)
Stek (The Bit Part, 1988, d. Slavo Luther)
Mikula A Mikulka (Nicolas and Little Nicolas, 1988, d. Dušan Trancik)
Parta za Milion (The Million Gang, 1990, d. Rudolf Ruzicka)

Script editing:

The Man in Gray (w./d. Pericles Hoursoglou, 1997)
Dirty Pretty Things (w. Steven Knight, d. Stephen Frears, 2002)
Eyes of Night (w./d. Pericles Hoursoglou, 2003)
Hard Goodbyes: My Father (w./d. Penny Panayotopoulou, 2003)
Eduart(w./d. Angeliki Antoniou, 2006)
The Queen (w. Peter Morgan, d. Stephen Frears, 2006)
The Building Manager(w./d. Pericles Hoursoglou 2009

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