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CIEE FAMU programs

Are you an American student looking to study filmmaking abroad for a semester at a world class film school and in a stunning location? CIEE’s filmmaking programs at FAMU are a great study option for U.S. students interested in cinema.

FAMU has had long term cooperation in cinema studies with the U. S. based academic organization CIEE.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is a non-profit organization promoting international education and exchange.
It was founded in 1947 and is based in USA. At present (2008), CIEE is composed of two interrelated but operationally independent offices (Portland, Maine and Tokyo). It operates 95 educational/study abroad programs in over 33 countries and teaching programs in Chile, China, Spain, and Thailand. Summer seminars in 29 countries are available. As the largest sponsor of J-1 visa programs, CIEE organizes seasonal work experiences in the United States for approximately 45,000 university students each year through its Work & Travel USA program. The Organization also organizes high school exchange programs for students in the United States as well as more than 30 countries around the world.
CIEE also maintains a membership community, the CIEE Academic Consortium. Academic institutions join the consortium in order to affiliate with CIEE´s mission, to support CIEE´s advocacy efforts in Washington and other world capitals, and to have a policy voice in CIEE´s educational programs and activities. As such, CIEE Members are part of a worldwide network of colleges and universities committed to excellence in international education. (source: Wikipedia)

More about CIEE co-ordinated program at FAMU you can find here.

Academic co-ordinator on FAMU side: Mary Carmel Angiolillo
Administration co-ordinator on FAMU side: Žaneta Cagášková zaneta.cagaskova@famu.cz