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Pavel Marek

Pavel Marek

Tutor at FAMU Directing department and FAMU International department, Director, Academic coordinator of CET at FAMU, Teacher in CIEE FAMU programs

Doc. Ing. Mgr. Pavel Marek, film director, was born in 1963 in India, in Calcutta. He spent part of his childhood with his parents in the U.S.A. Since 1970 he has been living in Prague. In 1988 he graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University, Prague. From 1992 to 1993 he studied at the National Film and Television School in the UK. In 1998 he completed his studies at the Department of Directing, Film Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (FAMU) Czech Republic. Pavel Marek currently works as a docent (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Directing at FAMU. 

While a student at the Technical University he shot several short films with his friends under the heading of “Bulšitfilm, Independent Film Association” in which he cooperated primarily with the late cinematographer and his collaborator, Roman Včelák. The films, inspired by dreams and unconscious experiences aroused the considerable interest of film experts and put him in the circle of surrealistic filmmakers. He contributed to this also as an actor in two films of the director and surrealist Jan Švankmajer – as the King of Portugal in the film Faust, and Mr. Dobřichovský in the film Food. 

After the conclusion of Bulšitfilm the formal methods in Pavel Marek’s work have become more realistic, with the use of animation and pixilation appearing occasionally in the documentary films Jiří Barta’s Pointless Stroll (1999) and Heaven Above Karlin (1999). In contrast to such films as Dead Forest (1989), in which most varied objects are animated, he concentrates on persons and their stories. However, his sense of absurdity and the grotesque is kept in such films as The Harvest (1992), which he made during his studies at the Film Academy.
The Harvest was followed by two other films – The Day of the Dog, and a television film Sredni Vashtar. 
In 1998 his full-length film Dead Beetle premiered which was co-produced by the production company Whisconti and Czech Television.
Later Pavel Marek would concentrate chiefly on documentary films. He shot a number of successful documentaries for Czech Television. For the cycle „Prague Miserable“, which was incorporated into the outstanding project „Prague 2000 – European City of Culture“, he made an original documentary on two quarters of Prague: Karlin and Nusle.
His habilitation lecture (2008) to become Docent at FAMU centered on the theme of imagination in documentary and fiction film and its place in the learning process.


Short Films
Script and Direction

The Boiler House 1983, Bulšitfilm
The Alarm Clock 1984, Bulšitfilm
Mesalliance 1985, Bulšitfilm
Bilek Sisters 1986, Bulšitfilm
Birthday in a Park 1987, Bulšitfilm, 1st Prize in National Competition of Amateur Films in 1988
Chovu 1988, Bulšitfilm
Tutor in Fear 1989, Bulšitfilm, 1st Prize in National Competition of Independent Films in 1989, Gold Medal at the festival “The Young Camera”, Uničov in 1989, 1st Prize at UNICA Festival in Baden-Baden in 1991
Dead Forest 1989, Bulšitfilm, 1st Prize in National Competition of Amateur Films in 1990, Pavel Juráček’s Prize at the Festival of Film Academy in 1991, 1st Prize at the festival Brno Sixteen in 1991, Silver Medal at the Young Camera festival, Uničov in 1991
Valdice 1990, Bulšitfilm
Fakir’s Performance 1991, Film Academy of Performing Arts
The Harvest 1992, Film Academy of Performing Arts, Spectators’ Prize at the Festival of Film Academy in 1992
1st Prize at Interfilm festival, Berlin, 1995
On the Day of the Dog 1994, Film Academy and KF, joint-stock company
Sredni Vashtar 1995, Film Academy, Film Academy award for director in 1995

Full-Length Films
Script and Direction

Dead Beetle 1998, Whisconti + Czech Television, Ondřej Šrámek’s Creative Group, Prize of the Critics of Volksrant, IFF Rotterdam in 1998
IMF Sochi 1998 – Special Prize of the Jury /the highest awarded prize/ Terlice Film Summer – Main Prize and Spectator’s Prize
IFF Avanca Portugal 1998 – Main Prize
Dead Forest and Other Bulšit 
2000, Negativ Ltd., 35 mm, 75 min., colour 
The sequence of films DEAD FOREST AND OTHER BULŠIT consists of four short films. The introductory „Birthday in a Park“ /1987/ was shot in Petřín park in Prague on a single day. The aging man celebrating his birthday begs Clown desperately to make him younger. The black-and-white film “The Harvest” /1992/ is a brutal story of two old women in a hospital ward which aroused polemics at the Film Academy about film ethics at the time of its origin. The script of the film “Tutor in Fear” /l989/ originated by the application of the technique of psychic automatism in the summer of 1987. The figure of the Tutor is the personification of the feeling of fear and threat, which appears mysteriously on his ancient skis and disappears equally mysteriously at the end of the film. The last film “Dead Forest” /l990/ is a strange story of a frustrated mycophagous man and his wife – autosexual psychoerotician. It was one of the first film roles of the actor Tomáš Hanák.
Birthday in a Park, 1987, Bulšitfilm, 11 min.
Harvest, 1992, FAMU, 7 min.
Tutor in Fear, 1989, Bulšitfilm, 16 min.
Dead Forest, 1990, Bulšitfilm, 39 min.

Script and Direction

The Gypsies and Their Music
/TV cycle “At Close Sight/ – 1998, Czech Television – Creative Group of Čestmír Kopecký
Gejza Horváth /TV cycle „The Chldren of the Moment“/ – 1999, Czech Television, Creative Group of Marcia Arichtevy
The Heaven above Karlín /TV cycle “Prague Miserable”/ – 1999, Czech Television, Creative Group of Anna Beckova, Negativ Ltd.
Genius loci rides the Bike /Tv cycle “Prague Miserable”/ – 1999, Czech Television, Creative Group of Anna Beckova, Negativ Ltd.
Jiří Barta’s Pointless Stroll /TV cycle “At Close Sight”/ – 1999, Czech Television, Creative Group of Ondřej Šrámek, 56 min
Rejdovakere Roma /French cycle “The Families”/ – 2000, Creative Group of Karel Dvorak, Lieurac Productions Sarl, France
Madhouse 2000 /TV cycle “World Without Boundaries”/ – 2000, document of Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2000, as celebrated by the patients of Pavilion 13 of Bohnice Assylum, Czech Television, Creative Group of Ant. Trs, 28 min
Tonight with … FOOD 2000, Czech Television, 60 min
Pátečníci 2001, Czech Television, 28 min
Jehova´s Witnesses 2002, Czech Television, 32 min
Journey to the North 2002, Czech Television, 30 min
The Movement of Fokolare Youth 2003, Czech Television, 30 min
Science and Religion 2004, Czech Television, 32 min
City Folk 2005, Czech Television, 28 min
Violin Knight 2006, Bionaut Films, 52 min

TV Series, Direction

Etiketa 2004, 24 episodes out of a 46 piece serial for Czech Television


Pat and Mat and Strawberries 2003, Ateliéry Bonton Zlín, puppet animation
Pat and Mat and Fax 2003, Ateliéry Bonton Zlín, puppet animation
Rider on a Coal Scuttle 2005, never produced

Work in Progress

Love in Children’s Homes – a seven years collection document on the lives of several children from children’s homes /for Czech Television, Creative Group of Ant. Trs 
Gejza – A short puppet animation movie. Story about a gypsy violin player. Script and Direction, Produced by Corona, a.s.
The co-operation with Czech Television includes also the contributions to the musical magazine “60” /Utlučtumuru, Day for James, Lean Theatro/ and musical clips for the groups “White Disease” or David Koller, Michal Dvorak and Lenka Dusilova, as well as several contributions to the multicultural magazine “The Big Chariot” of the Czech Television /Famous Faces of Atheism, Three Biologists, etc./.
For many years Pavel Marek was also involved with theatre. Together with Jaroslav Moravec and Olga Fialova he directed the children’s performances “The Magician of Lead Castle” and “The Golden Spinner” /in which he also played the fisher/. In the cultural centre of Zavadilka in Prague he also played in “Before the Cock Crows Thrice..” and “V. Shukshin” directed by Olga Fialova. He is the author of the scenario and director of the play “A Bunersbach Story” /first performance in Chmelnice, 1986 and “Karina and Arnold” /first performance at Delta Cultural Centre, 1987. 
He collaborated with David Černy as a head model for a series of portraits Hlavy. David also designed a set piece for one of Pavel Marek’s plays found at the link Divadlo, Přiběh z Bunersbachu, Steam Organ.

Tutors, Mentors,Teachers