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How to apply to the Cinema and Digital Media (CDM)

Have you received a BA in cinema or any other field and you are able to proof your talents on BA cinema level? Here you are – a 3 year master’s program.

Cinema and Digital Media is a three-year Master’s follow-up program focusing on Screenwriting and Directing open to anyone who has completed a Bachelor’s degree. The instruction is in English and the applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of English at the B2 level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) during the admission procedure.

Applications for the academic year 2018/ 2019 should be submitted before or on application deadline March 26, 2018. The admission committee selects the applicants to be invited for the second round of the admission procedure, which will be held via Skype.

Skype admission interviews will take place approximately in the middle of April. The applicants who are selected for the second round will be informed about the technical details of the connection in a timely manner. However, it is certain at this point that an Internet connection with a minimum transmission rate of 8 MBPS will be necessary for successful data transmissions.

Successful submitting of all the application requisites involves three following steps:

a) Uploading all requirements stated in articles 1 – 9 according to the instructions to be seen here.
For obtaining login and password send an email to cdm@famu.cz

Please name all documents as follows: “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_number of assignment”
(e. g. “Brad_Pitt_CDM_2018_1”)

b) Sending both applications from article 1 in hard copy to the following address:
Akademie muzickych umeni v Praze
FAMU International – CDM
Smetanovo nabrezi 2
116 65 Praha 1
Czech Republic

c) Sending an email containing both scanned applications from article 1 and confirmation of successful upload to cdm@famu.cz
The receipt of the email will be confirmed.
Email subject: CDM application (specialization), your full name

1.There are two application forms to be filled in, printed, signed and scanned. The first one is on-line (available from January 9, 2018 till March 26, 2018). The second one – which is different for Screenwriting and Directing – can be found at the bottom of this page; please download it and complete it using a computer.
There are no documents in the application you need to send via email and regular post other than these two application forms. Send it also attached to the email and name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_1"
Also, please upload both applications along with the requisites described in articles 2 – 9.

2. Scan of those pages of your passport where your date of birth and full name is.
Name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_2” and upload it.

3. At least one letter of recommendation from a current or previous teacher outlining the applicant’s abilities and study motivations. Letters must be sent directly to cdm@famu.cz by the evaluator. The writer must report the full name of the applicant to whom they are referred.

4. Your structured CV. Name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_4” and upload it.

5. Written answers to the following questions (300 words maximum each):
- What expectations do you have for studying CDM?
- Which areas of study reflect your previous artistic production experience?
- Which areas do you wish to develop your creativity in? Directing, Screenwriting, Non-fiction?
- Part of the final MA assignments a theoretical work – diploma thesis – based on a minimum of 40 pages of your own research and reflection. Are you experienced in writing academic papers?

(Please follow a simple rule – do not try to impress, be honest.)
- Please add five images of your choice that express visually your taste and inclination, art, photography, graphic, personal, give a brief (just a few lines) motivation for each one.

- Please join three movie titles that portray who you are in film, your favourite, most beloved, most admired or if you want most despised film and write a brief motivation note about your choice.

- Please mention three books, novels, essays, drama, literary products that better portray who you are and your taste and inclinations, and add a brief motivation note.

- Please mention three pieces of music that well express who you are and your taste and inclinations.

And in the end, write in no more than ten lines who you are. That you can combine with the visual portrait you will join as filmed material.

Name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_5” and upload it.

6. A scanned certificate of having deposited the application fee of EUR 60 (or CZK equivalent) in the account number provided below. Name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_6” and upload it.

The deposit must be EUR 60 exactly, regardless of other banking or transfer fees.
Account owner: AMU – Akademie múzických umění v Praze
Bank details: Komerční banka, Malostranské nám. 23, Praha 1, 118 00, Czech Republic
Account number: 19-5373180297/0100
Code 33-00-011
Swift Code: KOMBCZPP
IBAN format of KB account: CZ 5301000000195373180297
Message for the payee: "your name and surname, 311/23-18-001". Please make sure that the message for the payee is exactly in this format.

7. Artistic samples – based on the specialization for which you are applying:
- A screenplay for a short fiction film or 10 pages from a screenplay.
- A treatment for a full-length feature film. 

- Two synopses for short fiction films (up to 10 minutes of duration).
- A sample of your own literary writings.
- An audiovisual self-portrait (two minutes maximum, up to 3 GB of size).
- A short feature or documentary (up to 10 minutes of duration, up to 10 GB of size).
- A storyboard presenting a narrative based on an "encounter" (exactly 16 photographs or pictures, without text).
- Two short synopses for short fiction films.
- An audiovisual self-portrait (two minutes maximum, up to 3 GB of size).

All audiovisual artistic samples must be uploaded on either Vimeo or Youtube in HD and the files have to be downloadable. Please make a .doc with the links of your audiovisual works and name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_8_title_of_the_piece” and upload it as previous files.
All texts must be uploaded and named “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_8”
All images must be uploaded as .zip and named “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_8_IMAGES"

8. Another mandatory item that your application must include is a copy of your Bachelor’s Degree diploma. If your Bachelor’s diploma is in English, there is no need to translate it. If your diploma is in another language, we require its translation into English. Please upload it and name it “Your_full_name_CDM_2018_9". Please note that the admitted students will have to bring a notarized copy of the diploma along and submit it at the beginning of the studies.

Applications will be accepted for admission subject to the compliance with all of the aforementioned requirements. We kindly request all applicants to please ensure that all documents submitted are named as requested, that non-English speaking films include English subtitles, and that they are submitted in the correct format.
If you apply please note that the payment of the tuition fee is a prerequisite for enrollment.

The application deadline for the academic year 2018/ 2019 is March 26, 2018.
(Admission announcement: May 2, 2018)
The tuition fee for academic year 2018/ 2019 is EUR 16,970 (Directing) and EUR 13,970 (Screenwriting).