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Film produced at FAMU International won My Street Film Award.

What to Do When Trains Pass By won the first price at My Street Film. Former FAMU student, Karl Friis Forchhammer from Denmark, filmed his documentary project in 2014/2015 as part of the Academy Preparation Program assignment called Portrait.

Film about group of five school-aged youths, who spend their free time in front of a graffiti-covered wall. In the rough area near the train tracks we observe the process of rap being created. The free way the youths speak and off-the-cuff texts accompanied by music emanating from their mobile phones say a great deal about way they perceive the world.
The jury, among others, appreciated the simple observational approach that stress out the main protagonists as separate personalities, who share a strong friendship. Film is shot without any sentiment and yet emphatically. What to Do When Trains Pass By was also nominated for Pavel Koutecký Award earlier this year.
Audience in Czech republic can see the film on November 8, 2016 at Kabinet múz from 8pm in Brno.
All winning films of My Street Film project will be screened in September 2017 at the London Festival of Open City Documentary Festival.
Congratulation, Karl!
What to Do When Trains Pass By Film