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FAMU International films at Camera OKO cinematography film festival.

For the first time this year, 7 selected films which were produced at FAMU International during last 6 years, will be screen at the Kamera OKO international cinematography film festival on Sept 24, 2016.

The 8th edition of IFF Ostrava Camera OKO will present a selection of FAMU International films. Both, a master graduate films together with a one year Academy preparation program projects will be presented.

Mother River, original title: Emajõgi
When a pagan Fisherman arrives home from his fishing trip, he finds that his religious mother has died and her last wish was to receive the churches blessing. Though disliking the idea, the Fisherman goes and tries to fulfil his mothers last wish, but is met with bureaucratic opposition from the near-by church. He now struggles with his own belief in the old ways that are dying and the wishes of his mother in a new and changing world.
Director of Photography: Vladimir Dimoski
Director: Priit Põhjala
Screenplay: Priit Põhjala
Length: 18:26
Produced: 2016

Dinner, original title: Вечеря (Večerja)
Working neighborhood of Kyiv. Kateryna is preparing a welcome dinner for her daughter Tanya and her husband from London, whom she has never met before. They will come only for one day and Kateryna is not only excited to spend time with her daughter, who she hasn’t seen for a long time, but also sees it as a chance to become a part of her daughter’s “high class family” and move to London. For this reason she prepares everything the best she can to impress her guests. The only worry of Kateryna is her own mother, who lives with her and has her own attitude towards the visit. Tanya and her husband are not part of her quiet world, and she does not want them to disturb it, she would prefer if they did not come at all. Her behavior puts under threat the expectations of Kateryna.
Director of Photography: Vladimir Dimoski
Director: Anna Lyubynetska
Screenplay: Anna Lyubynetska
Length: 16:00
Produced: 2014

O, original title: O
Living behind his own obstructions, a life without emotions has never been easy. Strokes and strokes, the man seeks for the ideal contour of something beyond. One day, a strange encounter drives him to unmask the true faces of his surroundings.
Director of Photography: Vladimir Dimoski
Director: Lung Yin Lin
Screenplay: Lung Yin Lin
Length: 07:00
Produced: 2015

Bolero for Surfing in Moravia, original title: Bolero para Surfear en Moravia
A trip to give a serenade: What begins as a memorable gathering of old friends among music and beautiful landscapes, derives into a crossroad where paths can only be taken alone, without any company. Bolero for Surfing in Moravia is a bitter comedy in which the spirit of the Caribbean permeates the membranes of Czech culture, while the characters of the story make a trip across the consequences of such process. Director of best film price winner at FAMUFEST 2013.
Director of Photography: Martin Tichovský
Director: Valerio Mendoza Guillén
Screenplay: Valerio Mendoza Guillén
Length: 35:00
Produced: 2013

The Nights, original title: The Nights
A story about a man who has been detained and he got trauma from it. His memory was going back and forth to the past and present in his sleepless long night.
Directors of Photography: Thaiddhi, Thu Thu Shein
Directors: Thaiddhi, Thu Thu Shein
Screenplay: Thaiddhi, Thu Thu Shein
Lenth: 08:32
Produced: 2013

Dreamworks, original title: Dreamworks
Synopse: Imagine if your dreams came from a person working on them when you slept. If someone´s job was to make them from the dreamer´s memories, experiences and moods. And as he makes the dreams, the dreamer embarks on a journey to find out what the performance is going to be like.
Director of Photography: Vishal Vittal
Director: Vishal Vittal
Screenplay: Hemanth Kumar
Length: 9:14
Produced: 2014

Zabijačka, original title: Zabijačka
Synopse: After failing another competition, a competitive eater and his alcoholic father spend a night together at a motel, where the father attempts to make a man out of his son.
Director of Photography: Vishal Vittal
Director: Travis Kaupp
Screenplay: Travis Kaupp
Length: 13:54
Produced: 2014