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Isabelle Fauvel

Isabelle Fauvel

CEO at Initiative Film. Producer. FAMU guest lecturer.

Isabelle Fauvel founded Initiative Film in 1993, drawing on her background as a producer – having spent six years working at Flach Film, where she co-produced several films, including Jean-Claude Lauzon’s Leolo, which played in competition at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.
With the team she has established at Initiative Film, and the large database they have developed (newspaper extracts, web research, books), she scouts material, develops concepts, and conducts tailor-made research, making her a key partner for literary adaptation. She has close links with writers, directors and producers internationally.
Additionally, she is active as a tutor and course leader, attending conferences, and building connections between the worlds of cinema and literature. She has contributed to the following programs as an expert : Thessaloniki’s Crossroads, Sofia’s Meeting, Istanbul’s Meetings on the Bridge, Namur Coproduction Forum and many more. She is a regular trainer at the Sorbonne and has acted as a consultant for the Mediterranean Film Institute and ACE as well as an advisor for publishing companies.
Her ambition is to help films come to fruition where conditions are the most difficult. With this aim, she recently created Socrates, a training workshop aiming to help story editors from the South-Mediterranean region.
She scouts for the Jerusalem International Film Lab and is also a partner of the Torino Film Lab for the Adapt Film Lab, which she co-founded.

See Isabelle giving her lecture Adaptation as a Creative Field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVDxmIYsFiU.

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