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 Miloš Tomić with his Pixilation workshop again at FAMU

Miloš Tomić with his Pixilation workshop again at FAMU

The goal of the workshop is to try to inspire participants to pay attention to precious, small, everyday things which they see but maybe do not notice.
The tool Motić use is the stop trick animation technique.
The reason: stop trick is a way to make films from the INDIVIDUALLY taken still photographs. Twelve or Twenty-five for each second.
It is a slow and sometimes tiring process but at the same time, it gives us an opportunity to break many rules in the film we´re making. This includes physical rules too (gravitation, normal passing of time, linearity), and the way we are dealing with the real world around us.
The long time we spend concentrated on animation gives us a chance to look closely and discover many new properties of the pieces of the everyday world that we animate.

Miloš TomićGraduated at the Academy of Art (Directing major) in the class of Miša Radivojević.
Finished graduate studies of animation in Prague, at Famu, in the class of Petar Skala.
Lives in Belgrade again since 2009 as a family man with not so frequent, planned travels. Teaches short video forms at Singidunum University.

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