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Vít Janeček leaves position at FAMU International

Vít Janeček leaves position at FAMU International

Dear students, colleagues, partners, alumni and followers of the news on FAMU International,

As many of you know, my three-year mandate of Head of FAMU International expires at the end of September 2015 and I am leaving for a sabbatical and to focus more on creative work.

It was intense three years with a great team. Looking back, I believe that quite a lot of progress has happened in this period, in which I focused mainly on introducing new teachers, quality management and systemic improvements within our programs:

- FAMU International got a new website as you see it now, and also an official FB page, reaching 4,000 followers soon

- These steps have contributed to the fact that there are more than two times higher numbers of applicants for our programs

- I continued in improvements and increasing quality of our admission testing, so even though we have had to refuse many applicants, those who pass benefit from better study teams, being part and co-creators of them as well as the entire environment

- There were substantial shifts within our one-year AP program curricula as well as CDM master programs. Both programs have become more separated in terms of curricula as well as mentorship, so it makes better sense for students applying from APP to master program.

- New tracks of AP program have been introduced: documentary, creative postproduction, still photography and sound

- Introduction of one year certificate Production Team Studies openedinteresting study space for motivated Czech students learning a lot in process of cooperative work on international students´ projects as production managers

- A new system of production workflow and internal organization has been introduced so that students´ films enjoy smooth backing if they are ready in time

- This July we had the third edition of our Summer Campus with a unique complex curricula, which gives participants good answeras as to whether and how to continue in their study and creative activities in cinema

- I hope great improvements in preparing students to writing their thesis have been made as well – here, special thanks are due to Mary Carmel Angiolillo

- Ennsuring that the complicated procedure of acquiring visas has been improved so much that basically all international students are able to come on time – this happened thanks to the incredible effort of Jitka Hejtmanová

- I continued developing our educational project in Myanmar (Burma) with our students and colleagues. I am happy to have more time to cultivate this platform from now on. Here, special thanks are due to the faculty´s grant administrator Silvie Demartini

- I didn´t manage to finish opening a new two-year Master program, but the general concept has been made and approved by all boards within the school and this project is ready to come to life within short time

None of this would be possible without the highly competent and idealistic involvement of my colleagues – I want to express my grateful thanks to my deputy Jitka Hejtmanová, head of our production Eva Koťátková and her colleague Pavlína Adlerová. It was great education and honor for me to consult many conceptual ideas with a professor and writer as skilled as Jan Fleischer.
I was happy to work deeper on implementing improvements with other colleagues. I extend my sincere thanks to Tomáš Doruška, Radim Procházka, Petr Marek, Martin Blažíček, David Jařab, Michal Bregant and many others. The school´s increasing paperwork wouldn´t be possible to handle without the daily efforts of Žaneta Cagášková and Míša Červenková and the guardian angels of the faculty administration departmet – Viera Hladišová, Martina Čechová and others.

My school e-mail remains in operation, though please address my deputy Jitka Hejtmanová with any issues originally addressed to me, or the new head of the dept when appointed.

I wish FAMU International to remain a demanding yet creative and meaningful place,

Best regards, Vít Janeček

September 14th, 2015