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Radim Procházka

Radim Procházka

Director, screenwriter, producer, mentor

Radim Prochazka prefers to create films which marketing experts claim will be incomprehensible to the audience.
His docu-drama script Television will be!, (dir. Jan Bušta) is now in post-prod (release in Dec 2013). It is a pseudo single shot film about the beginning of TV broadcasting under the Czechoslovak comunist regime of the 1950s.
His newest directorial efford, Catenaccio á la Drnovice or the Beginning of Time of Economic Transformation (2010) was premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF. This ironically investigative mockumentary takes us back to the 1990’s, telling a story about the smallest football village in the world, which played major league and the background of mysterious sponsors, corruption or doping. In 2011 Prochazka co-directed film 24, collective direction of 24 best Czech documentary film-makers. Film was premiered at Opening ceremony of 15th Jihlava IDFF.
Although he graduated as a director of documentary films (FAMU, 2006), he became a producer. Mainly of his master Karel Vachek (e.g. Tmář a jeho rod | Obscurantist and his Lineage, 2012, e.g. CPH:DOX, Roma IFF...), Czech classic with master-classes (e.g. Harvard, Yale...) and film retrospectives (e.g. Pacific Film Archive, National Gallery of Art in Washington) holded arround the world. And also for Robert Sedláček, one of the most original contemporary Czech directors. (Rodina je základ státu | Long Live the Family!, 2011, e.g. Czech Film Critics Award – Best Film, Vancouver IFF, BFI London FF...)
As a minority co-producer supported by the Czech Film Fund he has been working on films with partners among others from Italy (doc Wolf, prod. Vivo Film, post-prod., dir. Claudio Giovanesi) Germany (fiction Julius Schmitke, Credo:Film, post-prod, dir. Stepan Altricher) and Slovakia (doc Fragile Identity, Ultrafilm, dir. Zuzana Piussi, released in 2012, Best Slovak Doc on One World IFF Bratislava, from Sept. 2013 in Czech cinemas).
Since 2012 he is the executive producer of Anima, leading Czech stop-motion animation studio.
Since 2012 he is also a mentor of directing cources at FAMU International dept. (Film and TV Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)
Prochazka is a member of the European Film Academy and Producer on the Move 2011.

Selected filmography:
2013 Televise bude! | Television will be!, (scripwriter, docu-drama, dir. Jan Bušta,)
2012 Křehká identita | Fragile Indentity (co-producer, doc, dir. Zuzana Piussi, SVK, CZE)
2012 Pupek nebe | Navel of the Sky (doc, dir.)
2011 Rodina je základ státu | Long Live the Family! (producer, feature, dir. Robert Sedlacek)
2011 Tmář a jeho rod | Obscurantist and his Lineage (producer, documentary feature, dir. Karel Vachek)
2011 24 | 24 (co-director)
2010 Největší z Čechů | The Greatest Czechs (producer, feature, dir. Robert Sedlacek)
2010 Lise Forell – sem fronteiras | Lise Forell – sem fronteiras (producer, documentary short, dir. Andrea Culková)
2010 Drnovické catenaccio aneb Cesta do pravěku ekonomické transformace | Catenaccio a la Drnovice or Journey to the Beginning of Time of Economic Transformation (producer and director, documentary feature)
2009 Děti našich rodičů | Children of Our Parents (producer, documentary feature,dir. Tom Feierabend, 2009, CZE, USA)
2009 Náš první hospodář | Our First Father Cultivator (producer and director, documentary short)
2008 Ministr | Secretary (screenwriter, feature)
2007 Papírový atentát | Desk-based Assassination (producer and director, documentary feature)
2006 Záviš, kníže pornofolku pod vlivem Griffithovy Intolerance a Tatiho Prázdnin pana Hulota, aneb Vznik a zánik Československa (1918 – 1992) | Záviš, the Prince of Pornofolk Under the Influence of Griffith’s Intolerance and Tati’s Monsineur Hulot’s Holiday, or The Foundation and Doom of Czechoslovakia (1918 – 1992) (producer, documentary feature, dir. Karel Vachek)
2006 Pravidla lži | Rules of Lies (producer, feature, dir. Robert Sedlacek)

Selected awards:
2013 Self-appropriators Award – Andrej Stankovič Awards 2013 – Fragile Indetity
2012 One World IFF Bratislava – Best Slovak Doc – Fragile Indetity
2012 Film Critics Award – Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, Best Supporting Actress (Simona Babčáková) – Long Live the Family!
2011 FNE Visegrad Prix – Jihlava IDFF – Obscurantist and His Lineage
2011 Czech Lion – Film Critics and Theoreticians Prize – nomination – The Greatest Czechs, Catenaccio á la Drnovice
2011 Film Critics Prize – The Best Actress (Simona Babčáková) – The Greatest Czechs
2011 Special Jury Prize – Trilobite awards – Our First Father Cultivator
2010 Academia film Olomouc – Best Czech Popular Scientific Documentary – Lise Forell – sem frontieras
2010 Academia film Olomouc History and the Present Magazine Prize – Children of our Parents
2007 Lubus Film Summer, Poland – Film Clubs Prize – Rules of lies
2007 Czech Lion – Best Film Script – Rules of Lies
2007 Film Critics Prize – Rules of Lies

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