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The Czech Republic is an advanced Central-European country in which there is no danger of extreme illness or epidemic. Prague has a good network of health services, both state-funded and private, as well as pharmacies and emergency services.

Medical insurance and care
Each student is supposed to arrange Student Health Insurance in his/her country. The Czech Republic normally recognises all health insurances valid within EU. Neverthless, you should check with your insurance office whether this is the case of your particular health insurance – please make sure your insurance is valid in the Czech Republic.
For health insurance circumstances within Czech republic consult here.

Medical fees
In order to receive urgent care EU citizens must have a European health insurance card. It is also useful to have commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is essential for citizens of non-EU countries, otherwise medical care must be paid for in cash.
For medical attention in the Czech Republic certain standard fees are charged. 30 CZK to visit a doctor, 90 CZK for treatment in accident and emergency, 60 CZK per day spent in hospital and 30 CZK for each item on prescription.

Emergency numbers
In the case of a problem two emergency numbers can be used:

112 – the universal emergency number which will connect you to police, fire and ambulance services. This number can even be called from a mobile phone without credit or a SIM card. The operator, who can give advice in foreign languages, will be able to determine your present location.

155 – the emergency number for ambulance services in the event of danger to life or health and wherever medical attention is required. The operator will give advice on first aid until an ambulance arrives

For common illnesses such as flu, diarrhoea or migraine which you can treat yourself, it’s best to go to a pharmacy and buy some medication; the range is the same as in the rest of Europe. Pharmacies throughout Prague are open on working days and their expert staff can give you advice on the best medication. If you need medication during the night or at the weekend you can go to a 24 hour pharmacy.

Pharmacies with 24- hour service:
Prague 1, Palackého 5, Lékárna Palackého, Mo-Sun Non-stop service
Tel: 224 946 982
At night hours, access to medicaments at the issue window only

Prague 2, Belgická 37, Lékárna u sv. Ludmily, Mo-Sun Non-stop service
Tel: 222 519 731
At night hours, access to medicaments at the issue window only

More Prague´s pharmacies can be found here.

Injuries and dental care
With injuries and illnesses which require medical attention you should go to the specialist departments of Prague’s hospitals specialist departments of Prague’s hospitals. There you will be expertly examined and, if necessary, hospitalised or transferred to another clinic. These services operate around the clock.
Prague City Authorities operate the City Polyclinic on Spálená street in the city centre. It provides complex medical care and also has an emergency dental service which operates on weekdays from 7pm and 24 hours at weekends.

First aid medical service including dental care and pharmacy
Městská poliklinika Praha
Opening hours: M-F 7:00 pm – 6:00 am, weekends and public holidays 24 hours a day
Address: Spálená 12, Praha 1
Phone: 224 947 113

Dental care and pharmacy first aid
Stomatologická ambulance a Lékárna Palackého
Palackého 5, Prague 1, open 24 hours a day
Phone 224 946 981