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Public transport in Prague

Public transport in Prague

Public transport for Prague and its neighbourhood is operated by Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport (ROPID). It is a modern integrated public transport system, which includes the underground, trams, railways, city and regional buses, funicular and ferry boats.


For junior pass you must be 15 -19 years old, 1 passport sized photograph 35x45mm, and filled opencard application form and passport is required to qualify for reduced fare.

For student pass you must be student, 19 -26 years old ( commencing on the day of turning the required age and ending on the day preceding the day in which the age limit is reached); confirmation from school accredited by Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic (purchased by FAMU), 1 passport sized photograph 35x45mm and passport is required to qualify for reduced fare.
To arrange student pass you have to go with all above mentioned documents to the Dopravní podnik kiosk ( the nearest one is on the Metro line B in the subway of the station Můstek beneath Jungmannovo square).
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 07:00 a.m. – 09:00 p.m.

For adult pass you must be 19 or over years old, 1 passport sized photograph 35x45mm, and filled opencard application form and passport is required to qualify for reduced fare.

More information about fares and prices can be foundhere.


How to complete the Application form of Opencard?
Open Opencard Application form (Žádost o vydání karty opencard ) in PDF here or collect it at FI office. The form is available only in Czech.
You can complete the Application form either directly on the computer and print 2 copies; or you can print 2 copies of the Application form and complete them by hand clearly and in block letters. In both cases you have to take both copies to a contact point where one of the copies will be returned to you.
You can also complete the Application form at one of contact points where carbon paper forms are available.
If you wish to be informed by SMS or e-mail about the possible collection date of the card, don’t forget to give your mobile phone number or e-mail address.

Prepare other documents
You also have to sign two copies of the form Agreement on processing of personal data. You can print it here in PDF or collect it at FI office. The form is available only in Czech. A paper copy of this form is also available at contact points.
Attach a passport sized photograph, 35x45mm, with your full name written on the reverse side in block letters.

Submit form and collect Opencard
Submit both completed copies of the Application form and two photographs at a contact point marked with the Opencard logo. Foreigners should present either a valid passport or valid residence permit. If the application is in order, you receive a copy of your application form with a barcode. The copy states the collection place and date of the card. If you applied for the option of collecting the card in person, the date when you can collect the card will be stated on the copy of your Application form. Agree on type of collecting of your opencard.

Contact points: Customer centre opencard – Palác Adria
Address:Palác Adria, Jungmannova 31
Opening Hours:
Mon and Wed 08:30 a.m.-08:00 p.m.
Tue and Thu 08:30 a.m.-06:00 p.m.
Fri 08:30 a.m.-noon

Ticket validity can be inspected by ticket inspectors of Prague Public Transit Co. Inc at any time during the journey or period spent within the compulsory ticket area.. Ticket inspectors on PIT (Prague Integrated Transport) vehicles and within the compulsory ticket area are entitled to give instructions to passengers for the sake of safety and smooth flow of traffic, ask passengers to produce valid tickets, and take away invalid tickets.
When they catch a passenger travelling without a valid ticket, they will impose a fine of CZK 800,-. This is reduced to CZK 400,- in the case of on-the-spot payment or payment at the cash office of the Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. Failure to pay the luggage transportation fare (a CZK 13,- transfer ticket) results in a penalty of CZK 200,-

The metro runs from 5 a.m. – midnight every day. Night trams/ buses run after midnight, leasing about every 20 minutes. All night trams pass by the Lazarská stop.

To find a connection please use the journey planner.