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Jaromír Šofr

Jaromír Šofr

Professor of FAMU Cinematography department, Cinematographer

Jaromír Šofr was born in 1939 in Brno, the son of a pharmacist. During the WWII2 period, he spent his childhood in an old pharmacy founded by his grandfather in the small town of Třebíč. Since his youth, his interests and activities revolved around music and fine art. 
He studed at FAMU with a Cinematography concentration between the years 1956-61 at FAMU. (He was one of the youngest students ever accepted into FAMU). He graduated in 1961 with the highly appreciated final film “Strop”(The Ceiling)- directed by Věra Chytilová.
As a student, Jaromír was influenced by the French “cinema verite”- movement and this credo led him towards the initial support of the Czech version of this cinematography style, especially when he collaborated with Věra Chytilová. Later he proved his creative flexibility in frequent collaborations with Jiří Menzel, predominantly based on adaptations of Czech literature works of the highest quality. The filmography of Jaromír Šofr comprises about 40 feature films shot with many directors of all generations. The highlights of Šofr’s cinematography form the support of the most significant projects of Jiří Menzel. For the emotional impact of these works, Jaromír Šofr searched for alternative technological ways, for example, he used a technological deviation known as “silver process” in color processing. And his Kinoautomat – directed by Jan Roháč in 1966 was one of the first interactive films, displayed at the EXPO 66 in Montreal.

Selected filmography:

Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (I served the King of England) – directed by Jiří Menzel (2006)
Život a neobyčejná dobrodružství vojína Čonkina“(The Life and extraordinary adventures of
private Chonkin) – dir. by Jiří Menzel (1993)
Il giovanne Musolini”(The young Musolini), directed by G.Luigi Calderone (1992)
Žebrácká opera (Beggar’s Opera)- written by Václav Havel, dir. by Jiří Menzel (1991)
Konec starých časů (The End of Old Times)-dir.J.Menzel (1988)
Vesničko má, středisková..“(O my little village) –OSCAR nomination, dir. by Jiří Menzel, (1985)
Postřižiny (Short cut)-story written by B. Hrabal, directed by Jiří Menzel (1980)
Panel-story – directed by Věra Chytilová (1978)
Báječní muži s klikou (Those wonderful Men with their cranking Machines)-dir.Jiří Menzel (1978)
Na samotě u lesa (A lonely house near the wood) – directed by Jiří Menzel (1974)
Skřivánci na niti (Skylarks on String) –story written by B. Hrabal, directed by Jiří Menzel (1969)
Farářův konec (The End of a Priest) – directed by Ewald Schorm (1968)
Rozmarné léto (Capricious Summer) – directed by Jiří Menzel (1967)
Kinoautomat – directed by Jan Roháč, Radúz Činčera, Vl.Svitáček – EXPO 66- Montreal (1966)
Ostře sledované vlaky (Closely watched Trains) – directed by Jiří Menzel, OSCAR in 1966 (1966)
O slavnosti a hostech (Report on the Party and Guests) – directed by Jan Němec (1965)

For complete filmography and prizes see IMDB.

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