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Erik S. Roraback

Erik S. Roraback

Author, Critical Human Scientist, and Teacher-Scholar

Erik Sherman Roraback, DPhil (Oxon) was born in Seattle, USA, and teaches US literature and cinema, cultural-studies, critical theory, and theoretical psychoanalysis in Charles University where he directs the program in American Literature and Cultural-Studies. Erik S. Roraback also teaches international cinema in Prague’s Film and TV School, FAMU, as well as central European cinema, cultural-studies, and theoretical psychoanalysis in the UPCES program at CERGE-EI in Prague. Erik Roraback first taught in the University of Oxford, UK where he earned a DPhil degree, with Terry Eagleton (Oxford) and Maud Ellmann (Cambridge) as thesis readers; he holds a BA degree from Pomona College, California, USA (cum laude).

In 2005 Erik Roraback was elected Visiting Professor at the Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I) at Aix-en-Provence, France. He current holds a five-year University Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Winchester, UK (2014-19). Erik Roraback has also been a Visiting Researcher at the University of Constance in Germany from 2004-14, and has held Visiting Scholar appointments at the English Department in the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, from 2015-present. Erik Roraback has presented in fifteen countries, more than thirty stand-alone academic guest lectures, and an additional forty academic conference papers. He has published in five countries thirty-five scholarly articles and book chapters. Erik Roraback is also the author of a book, The Dialectics of Late Capital and Power: James, Balzac and Critical Theory (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, 2007, 320 pp.) and of two forthcoming books (2017): The Philosophical Baroque: On Autopoietic Modernities (Brill Publishing Company, The Netherlands, approx. 265 pp. + 3 illus.) and The Power of the Impossible: On Community and the Creative Life (IFF Books, UK); currently, he is preparing a book project on movies for publication, Forms of Cinematic Capital; or, On Movement, Circulation, and Thought.

For more information see personal website at www.erikroraback.com

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