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David Jařab

David Jařab

Mentor, Director, Screenwriter and stage designer

David Jařab was born 1971 in Hranice but grew up in Ostrava. He graduated from the Department of Theatre at JAMU Academy in Brno. From 1993 he worked at the studio theatre at HaDivadlo as a director, later a writer and finally even as an artistic director. In 1997 he left for Prague where he worked as a lecturer, scriptwriter, translator and freelance director for theatre and TV.
Since 2002 he has become the key personality of Divadlo Komedie (together with Dušan D. Pařízek) as a permanent director and writer of Prague Chamber Theatre. He has written more than 10 original plays or adaptations, more than 30 theatre and literature evening shows and full-length productions. He engages in art production and stage design as well. Practically all of his texts are directed by him. The stage adaptations of short stories by Joseph Roth The Legend of the Holy Drinker (2011), Johannes Urzidil Weissenstein (2009), a novel by Jaroslav Havlíček Kerosene Lamps (2008) or Ladislav Klíma´s The Suffering of Prince Sternenhoch (2007) are among his most successful productions from recent years. 

As a film director, he made the feature film Vaterland – A Hunting Diary in 2004 and another feature film Head-Hands-Heart in 2010. The film Vaterland – A Hunting Diary was awarded the prize of Czech Literary Fund for the best film of 2004 and the Czech Lion Award for the Best Art Design in 2004
Jařab is also member of the Surrealist Groups A. I. V. and Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group – he participates on the cycle of Evenings of Analogon (surrealist periodical).

Selected filmography:

Head-Hands-Heart (2010)
Vaterland – A Hunting Diary (2004)
Evenings of Analogon, TV series (2002)

Theatre plays (selection):

Jeux d´Enfants aneb Paříž XIII, Jeux d´Enfants, or Paris XIII, HaDivadlo Brno (1995 )
Klimeš (with Luboš Balák), CED Brno (1997)
Sharpshooters, Pražské komorní divadlo (2003)
Nosferatu, Pražské komorní divadlo (2007)
Parsifal, Pražské komorní divadlo (2005)

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