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Production facilities

Production facilities

We believe that the core of filmmaking consist in ideas and their proper development. But still, in the end comes the realization – and for this FAMU has its own facility. We also take advantage of the presence of key cinematic companies and their rentals in Prague.

FAMU Studio
FAMU Studio is designed for film and television production and postproduction. FAMU Studio includes two (110 m² and 70 m²) large studios, several editing rooms, sound mixing halls, decoration and costumes storage etc. It houses all kind of equipment (camera, sound, lights, grip etc.).

FAMU Studio
Klimentská 4
11000 Prague 1

Office hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Closed on weekends and official Czech bank holidays

Director of FAMU Studio: Ondřej Šejnoha
tel: +420 234 244 402
fax: +420 234 244 434
e-mail: ondrej.sejnoha@studiofamu.cz

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FAMU Studio is located also in the center of Prague, 25 minutes walking distance from main building of FAMU. It creates a platform that´s main role is to secure the production of all practical exercises and co-production projects of FAMU students. Besides of this, Animation and Still photography departments have their special studios, students of Audiovisual studies (new media and conceptual art) often work within facility of the Institute of Intermedia, a joint project with the Technical university.
FAMU Studio has a full capacity to produce complete films. Its capacities includes camera, sound, light, stage design and other equipment rentals, editing rooms, sound studio, screening room and also lecture rooms.
Inside the building there are two studios with an area of ​​110 m² and 70 m², equipped with modern lighting technology-driven computer control device. The studios are used for both recording classic film technology (16 mm and 35 mm) and sequential television technology.
Studio has its own building and decorative technique which, in cooperation with external architects made the construction of sets for exercises filmed in studios or even REAL or outdoors. It uses mostly custom backdrops and costumes and props.

Expedition leader Studies equips decoration of furniture and props of their own, in part borrowed, mostly from Barrandov and Czech Television.
Studio own 16 mm film camera: Bolex, Aaton LTR, Aaton XTR, Arriflex, Eclair ACL, Eclair NPR, super 16 mm Aaton XTR Production with a zoom lens. For shooting 35 mm students can use Arriflex cameras or sync-sound Moviecam Superamerica with a zoom lens. In case of need (sometimes on final or co-production projects) Studio FAMU co-operates with local based camera rentals.
Department of lighting for exterior provides students with a rich production of light park both daylight (HMI from 200 W to 2500 W) and the artificial light (LTM from 100 W to 500 W), tripods and other accessories.
For laboratory processing of the recorded film material study uses service of film laboratories Barrandov or laboratories of Czech television.
Recorded for subsequent processing practical exercise (post-production), there are five 16 mm film editing rooms, two 35 mm cutting rooms and six nonlinear edit suites electronic (3 Final Cut, Avid 3).
Studio also owns extensive number of devidses for digital cinematography, from classical DVCAM and HDV cameras through HDSLR to HDTV studio chain.
Sound department provides professional audio recording on location inside or outdoors, postproduction sound, dubbing and recording of music and sound effects. Sound department offers work in majority of standard formats from mono and stereo to multi-channel 5.1 format.


Camera equipment rental
Panavision Praha
Vantagefilm Praha
ARRI Rental Praha
Czech television camera department
Hocus Focus

Light and grip equipment

Casting agencies
Vivid Casting
Casting Barrandov
FB FAMU International acting group

Sound devices and postproduction

Props and furniture
Barrandov Studios Props Department
Czech television props and furniture rental (CZ only)

Barrandov Studios Costumes Department
Czech television costumes rental (CZ only)

Location service
FB FAMU International Locations group

Film stock
Kodak Film material
FUJI Film material
FOMA materials distributors (CZ only)

Film laboratories
Film laboratories Barrandov

FAMU spaces