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FAMU Burma Project

FAMU Burma Project

Unique educational and development project of FAMU in Burma, available only for local citizens

FAMU’s involvement in Burma (Myanmar) developed out of a collaboration with the Japanese writer and curator Keiko Sei. Since 2002, she has been working with a growing circle of artists and publicly active people from Rangoon (Yangon) through informal workshops and meetings. The first FAMU workshop, held in cooperation with the former Czech ambassador, Jiří Šitler, and the former head of the French Institute in Burma, Stephan Dovert, took place at the French Institute in 2005. It was taught by Keiko Sei and Michal Bregant and focused primarily on film history. The following year, Vít Janeček’s workshop explored practical filmmaking possibilities and started a pattern of regular workshops and other activities.
One consequence of FAMU’s involvement in Burma has been nurturing talents of young Burmese filmmakers through studies at FAMU International. Since 2008 we have been able to accept each year 1 or 2 talented Burmese students, through scholarshipsh financed partly within the Transition Scheme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
In September 2011, our students Thu Thu Shein and Thaiddhi Null, with our assistance, launched the first film festival in Burma – the Wathann Film Festival. This festival continues to serve as a platform for sharing and provoking local creative cinema of all genres.
One of the most successful outputs of this project is full length fiction film The Monk by The Maw Naing, based on the script of Aung Min (https://www.facebook.com/film.themonk)
Since 2014 the project continuous as a collaborative educational platform organised together with Wathann Film Institute and Myanmar Independent Filmmakers Network under assistance of FAMU staff.

External links:
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YouTube channel with selected Rangoon´s workshop shorts from 2006 and 2007

In case of need of more info, contact Head of the project Vít Janeček at name.surname@famu.cz.